Payroll Services

We take the pain out of payroll processing. Our payroll processing services are designed specifically for small and mid-sized businesses. 

We take your payroll data and our experts do all the processing needed to pay your employees.

We can do paperless payroll processing via direct deposit or paycard, or we can print, stuff and ship the paychecks/stubs.

Payroll Partnerships

We work with many businesses who have chosen not to bring on employees as a company hire, but rather “payroll” their employee through us. 

That means we are employer of record and manage all the payroll expenses such as taxes, unemployment, health insurance, and worker’s compensation.

Payrolling works well for:

  • Adding on additional personnel when you aren’t able to make additions to payroll
  • Projects with specified time frames, but it doesn’t make sense to add employees on as permanent employees
  • Continuing to utilize the valuable skills of your employees while they remain on our payroll as an alternative to downsizing

Payrolling Services are easy to implement  will contact potential payroll individuals, introduce the service, and manage the application and other requirements. The individual is then brought on as contingent labor and assigned to the requesting company.


Our knowledge of the job market and strong relationships provide unique access to opportunities for talented individuals who are ready to step in and make an immediate impact.

Companies rely on our expertise to source top talent for hard-to-fill, key positions.

Temp/Contract Staffing

We are proud of our mutually beneficial relationships with our clients and to be relied upon to deliver top quality candidates for even the most time sensitive temporary / contract staffing needs.

Our extensive candidate network and understanding of the communities in which we work, allows us to identity proven performers who can step in and make an immediate contribution to our clients’ growth and productivity goals.

Temp to Hire Staffing

While we retain the temp-to-hire employee on our payroll and benefits package, you have the opportunity to observe their skill sets and determine their compatibility with your company culture.

Once the agreed-upon time frame is completed, you may choose to hire your well-tested employee without incurring a placement fee.

On-site Recruiting

If you have a lot of temporary staffers working at your company, and you also have your full-time and part-time employees, you have a lot to manage.

Because temporary workers function a bit differently than other employees, many companies find it beneficial to bring a manager onsite, who is only in charge of your temporary staff.

Our on-site manager would serve as the manager of your temporary workers and would act as an extension of your human resources department. Our manager would increase your staffing efficiency, ensures the safety of your staff, and manage other employment-related functions for your contingent staff.